We at CMG Services pride ourselves on fine work.
We only ever wish for you to feel confident in our work at all times.

With over 35 years in the industry My eyes are not as good as they use to be, but my staff and I work together with both young eyes and knowledge of age combined to give you the best result possible.
Our tradesmen are supplied with a fully equipped truck with the added items such as, drop sheets, plastic and vacuum cleaners, to help keep your home clean and undisturbed. They have scaffolding, ladders and safety equipment for heights. We look after our tradesmen because we have spent a lot of time with them and they are our company.
All our tools, just like our vehicles, are serviced on time every time to give our customers and us the service you are paying for.
What do we build;We build from floors to roofs. We can take your roof off and build a new room or two on top. We can build you a deck, a granny flat and we can even build you a house. If it’s made of timber and you want it built we can do it.
CMG Services try's harder than any other carpentry company out there to deliver services and quality on all our projects.
We understand that you just want the job done right at the right price. Well we want to build things to last longer than you and me.
We build for the future not 30 years but 100 and on. Don’t be fooled into getting just anyone. Get someone who has lived it and loves it.

Do you require a roof structual report? We can carry out this service for you as well
Carpentry done right
To the Left; This French door is loved by all.
The centre window opens to allow a breeze to flow through the door while still maintaining the security.
The design, the detail and the workmanship.
CMG Service are able to replicate this door and many others for you for a very reasonable sum.
We love this door and want to share it with all people that visit our website.
Thank you to Brian of Cottesloe for allowing us to photograph and display this door for people to see what we are capable of producing.
Let us build your
Second storey addition

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