Re roofing or replacing your roof cover, well what a great move in the improvement of your home.
Your home is possibly the largest asset you have, so way not look after it.

Replacing your roof cover is a simple process. Well that is the common deception across the building industry trades like to think.
Is replacing my roof difficult to do?
"Na its easy mate, we pull the old roof of and do a few little things may be some new tie downs to hold the new roof down and there you go all finished. We could do that in a day or two for ya. $15K cash or $16500 with GST".

This is the most common fact that only a very few roofing companies have the knowledge or skills to replace a roof in the correct and legal process.
Fact; you pay for all costs in the rectification of the works and processes to complete to the council forms and pay the fine.
How would they find out? It is not very hard for them. Someone could complain about the noise, the verge, or the dust while the works are in place. Would not be the first time. What about when you sell your home and a property inspection is carried out? They might just pick it up. The biggest kick in the guts is when you have an insurance claim and you forgot to notify your insurance company that you have changed the roof cover of your home. They cancel your contract and no claim. "It happens"
There is also a new photo program available to shires and anyone that wants to pay, called Nearmaps. These photos are taken every 3 months of the metro area and sometimes every 2 weeks. The shire can see exactly when you had your roof replaced going back to 2009.
“I will send the contractor the bill for not doing the right job”; Ha, good luck with that, they probably don’t have the money or the care to do anything about it, or their phone has changed.
CMG Services are
cost effective and true to the process required to replacing your roof cover and we have a great after job support service.
We can replace your iron roof to tiles your tiled roof to iron or replace you tiles for tiles or iron for iron.
The director of CMG Services and the writer of this web site is a licensed builder, Carpenter & joiner and whose father taught me roof plumbing and problem solving.
Yes, I know what is required for each home in every shire in the state of Western Australia.
Yes it is easy to replace your roof. It is also easy to do the right things at the beginning.
We are very competitive on price but we are well above the competition when it comes to knowledge and experience.
Do not be fooled by friends or neighbours advice unless they are builders and tradesmen doing this as a business and have some responsibility in the repairs or replacement.
Get in contact with us today for a quote.
I look forward to meeting you.

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